At Brodmann, we pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail
so that our speaker systems live in perfect harmony with your environment. The most important detail?
Taking your breath away.



Use spikes to interrupt energy transference between the speaker and the floor.

Brodmann non-oxidizing brass (finest brass quality 101) spikes interrupt energy transference between the speaker and the floor, giving you the ability to minimize any distorted resonances. By screwing the spikes in or out, you can tune them to get the harmonic vibration that most delights your ear.

Acoustic Cabletuning

HD Shielding
The sound produced by a speaker creates vibrations in the air that affect the surrounding environment.
Our intelligent Acoustic Cable Tuning/HD-Shielding Technology
optimizes sound transmission by simultaneously tracing and eliminating
distorted resonances and unwanted basses.


LS Cable

Brodmann cables are made of drawn hardened copper, free of oxygen.
Every strand has a covering of the precious metal iridium.

We trust this cable as wiring for the interior of our speakers for perfect sound balance. Designer and engineer, Hans Deutsch, precisely calculates the dimension and length of each Brodmann cable for the optimum performance of your particular speaker system.


Black Diamonds

Optimize the Sound of your Speaker with Black Diamonds

Brodmann Black Diamond isolation cones are made of carbon fibre, a rigid material proven to inhibit resonant energy. When used in conjunction with Brodmann spikes, the result is a supporting structure that dampens vibrations so the floor does not change the characteristics of the sound.