Ces 2014

Audio Top 5 from Ces 2014
by Edgar Kramer

Some audio enthusiasts say that a simple well-designed two-way speaker can have a coherency and imaging precision that can be elusive for larger designs. The Brodmann Acoustics room lent heavy credence to such a notion.

The FS speakers made quite the splash at our own Melbourne Audio Show in October, where they were one of the highlights. Here, they impressed even more, powered via enticing and wonderfully synergistic Thrax electronics for a sound that was enveloping and supremely delicate. The speakers conveyed an openness, an ease and flow to the music that was quite captivating, especially with orchestral works. Towards the end of the Show on the fourth day I returned for a second, quite extended, audition and wallowed in this system’s stunning performance. Kudos too to Brodmann Acoustics’ Bernd Gruhn and his well-chosen classical pieces which are, no doubt, most suitable to these very refined loudspeakers. Edgar Kramer

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