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High End Munich 2014 – Show Report

I really enjoy Brodmann speakers whenever I hear them and they’re certainly a treat for the eyes as well as the ears with their beautifully crafted cabinets. They sound really effortless in the way they make music and do that hifi thing of not sounding at all like hifi…if you get my drift. The Eagles’ “Waiting in the Weeds” sounded fab! We were given a sneaky peek of their prototype desktop system comprising two baby Brodmanns (they really are just miniature versions of their bigger siblings) and a little sub that sat under the desk. Immediately this was a really impressive sound with its 2” side firing driver and front firing tweeter. I’d expect anyone who owns a pair of Brodmann loudspeakers to be beating the company’s door down to get hold of a set of these when they become available. There’s no time given for a launch date yet so watch this space!

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