Congratulations on the purchase of your new brodmann loudspeakers.

In doing so you have chosen loudspeakers which will guarantee you, the listener, years of enjoyment. By using the highest quality components with a specially constructed cabinet, and by putting patented developments into production, a range of the highest level loudspeakers have been created. Upon acceptance, Brodmann, will repair or replace any product found to be defective. Damages due to normal wear, improper care, modification, negligence, rental purposes and accidents, where Brodmann is not at fault, are not covered. If the equipment is being used in the country of purchase, you should contact the Brodmann authorised dealer from whom the equipment was purchased. If the equipment is being used outside the country of purchase, you should contact us directly and we will advise you where the equipment can be serviced.


Brodmann loudspeaker cabinets are designed for operation in living rooms.
Because the choice of where in the room to place the loudspeakers is essentially a practical consideration,
excellent results can be successfully achieved in every living room.

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